Commanding Your Star To Shine (10 Week Program)

Commanding Your Star To Shine (10 Week Program)


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The Most Powerful And Important Spiritual Master Course That Will Unlock Your Life And All Potential You Have Ever Possessed. 

Uncover Your Star And You Will Shine In Life. Live The Life You Were Destined To Live. Now You Can Succeed Just Like You Were Always Meant To Do! In This 7-Part Series, Prophet Climate Will Show You How To Uncover & Rediscover Your Life’s Purpose, Success & Destiny!


The human connection with stars has always been facinating from the ancient days up to now and this is because Jehovah God, the Great Master Designer, had designed and loaded your star before you were even conceived in the womb.

However, there are powers that can go and spy out your destiny’s DNA. This explains the battles that many people are facing in life, particularly those destined to become super stars in life. Stargazers have seen the stars of great Achievers: Doctors; Inventors; Lawyers; Teachers; Pilots; Business moguls, etc. Their game plan is to stop you from becoming what your Creator destined your star to become. You cannot arise and shine without winning the battles against your star. That’s why this master course is designed to help to become a master of your own destinty; helping you to rise up from grass to Glory.


From the story of Jesus, the moment His ‘mother’ went into labour at the manger, powers described as ‘wise men’ from the Far East saw His star. They knew the exact sex of the baby and also knew He would be King! Herod heard about this ‘Star’ and he was troubled with his whole kingdom.

Do you know that your star can cause trouble in some quarters? The star of Joseph was so loaded that it caused trouble in his father’s house and caused trouble in his Master Potiphar’s house. In Genesis 30:25-28 Laban, Jacob’s uncle, had seen the star of Jacob and in his usual occultist ways manipulated his star for his own prosperity.

Beloved, the battle against your star is real. Darkness is real and oppression is real. The good news is that through this Master Course deliverance and liberation of your star is also real. Through step by step modules you will learn how to overcome the enemies of your Star. You will learn how to locate your star from where they may have dumped it. It could be in the pit like the one of Joseph, or it could be in exile like the one for Jesus.

You cannot arise and shine without winning the battles against your star. Jesus and His earthly parents went down to Egypt in exile as a result of the battles against His star. He could not rise up from Egypt and return to His place of destiny fulfillment (Israel) until God had terminated His star terminators. This program could be your only gurantee for your second coming from shame to glory. By this program, the knowledge alone could save your life by helping you to terminate the destiny terminators before they terminate you.

“When your star shines, people will notice you. You are always the one to be preferred and chosen first. When your star shines your blessing locates you”.

This is one of our most powerful programs yet – a step-by-step guide to transforming every aspect of your life. This comprehensive course includes:

  • 7 step-by-step, in-depth modules with over 6 hours of transformational content all personally taught by Prophet Climate
  • 14 sessions divided into powerful teaching and prophetic prayer. The word sessions are designed so that you can easily extract the specific information and teaching from each weekly topic and the prayer sessions are for you to follow along with the Prophet and revisit as needed.
  • Incredible life-changing prayers and declarations for each week which are going to uncover your star, and open up your destiny. You will finally find yourself walking on the right path; the path of favor, joy and unlimited success.
  • A professionally designed Commanding Your Star To Shine workbook in printable PDF format for jotting down all key points, biggest learnings, and powerful writing exercises.

The best part? The entire program is completely online. That means no travel fees, no hotel fees, no meal fees, no extra expenses.

You can access it as soon as you enroll and work through everything at your own pace. There’s no need to wait to dramatically increase both your happiness and your financial success. You can get started in just a few minutes, today.

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