Breaking the Curse of Good Beginnings & Bad Endings (Deliverance Series Vol.2)


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Do things in your life seem unstable? Are you always starting things and for one reason or another are never able to finish? Does it seem like every time a good opportunity comes your way something always comes up and snatches it from under you? Many people start well but along the way, something happens and ruins their ending. In “Breaking the Curse of Good Beginnings and Bad Endings” Bishop Climate teaches you how you can overcome that curse. When your spiritual enemies put an evil mark on you they mark you for failure and disgrace. Once that happens you are never able to complete anything and your life just wanders in the wilderness. But now you can be free from every evil mark and from every curse of restlessness. After reading this book, you will be able to pinpoint your problems and know how to solve the recurring issues you have faced in the past. You must make progress, you must have victory in Jesus name!