Destroying Every Demonic Blockages (Deliverance Series Vol.6)


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Does it seem like all your life you have worked hard but never enjoyed the fruit of your labour? Are you friends only around when they need something from you? Does it seem as though every time you are about to get ahead in life something or someone comes and snatches it away from you? In “Destroying Every Demonic Blockage Over Your Life” the man of God Bishop Climate teaches you all about how people can hinder the blessing of God from flowing in your life. With examples from the book of Genesis and a look at King David’s life in 1 Samuel he shows you how you can overcome just like the mighty men of God in times past. It may seem as though everyone always has the upper hand over your life but after reading this book you are about to recover all and experience victory in every area of your life. The days of you working hard and other people enjoying your fruits are over!