How To Operate Under Open Heavens – CD Series (MP3)

How To Operate Under Open Heavens – CD Series (MP3)



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God promises in His word that He will send His rain upon our lands in season, to bless all the work of our hands. But many are still living under closed heavens, prayers being unanswered, and no breakthrough in sight. In this new ground-breaking series, Prophet Climate takes you on a journey to discover through the Word of God, how to recognise closed heavens in your life and how to pray so you can begin enjoying open heavens. When your heavens are open, there is blessing in every area of your life. Financial blessing, marital blessing, health blessing, and more. But under closed heavens, there is poverty, sickness, depression, rejection, and also much more.

In this 6 Part Series you will discover:

How To Operate Under Open Heavens

How To Turn Your Tragedies Into Blessings

How To Be Free From Generational Hindrances

5 Ways To Unlock Your Heavens

and How To Recognise and Destroy the Enemies of Open Heavens


Invest in this powerful audio series today and let your heavens be open!


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