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Have you ever wondered why God changed the name of so many people before revealing to them their God Given Purpose or Before he journeyed them to their Favours and Breakthrough? Have you ever wondered why people die prematurely only to leave friends and relatives speaking about how talented and skilled they WERE, but yet never to reached their full potential?

Child of God, There is something which I need you to understand. This teaching is so deep, I pray the spirit of the Lord will quicken your understanding.

Have you ever heard someone saying these exact words “I feel like I should be Doing something Different, but I am just doing this to get by”. Whenever you hear that it is a sign to let you know that the God Given destiny of that person is waiting, while the name which he/she has been given, takes him/her somewhere else. That is how powerful your name is! It can either BUILD OR DESTROY YOUR LIFE.  Your Star of Destiny might be saying “Multibillionaire” but the name you carry means “Carrier of Bad-luck”. The more people confesses that name, the further you go from your Star of Destiny.

Saints of God, If I were you, I would download this teaching right now. This is lifetime teaching, that you can even pass down to generations to come. Click & Download Now!

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