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Another Powerful Overcoming Pack From Prophet Climate to you and a powerful helpful sermon about relationships.

  1. Prayer overcoming every fear

Do you have an enemy who seems to call your name and curse you every day?

Have you been losing things in the house without reason even your documents?

Have you been facing rejection and confusion in every thing you do and everywhere you go?

Are you contending with a witch who has inflicted great fear in your life?

It is time to cut them off once and for all.  The Man of God takes you through steps on how you can pray in order to silence them.


        2.  Overcoming the storms of life “Marriage Storms”

Do you think there is a third party engaged in the affairs of your marriage?

Do you face the challenge of natural hazards like physical disabilities and other forms of impairments that limit maximum joy in your marriage?

Do you consider your relationship as a one sided affair?

This is a message to heed.  This admonition from Bishop Climate is the Prime ingredient you have been missing.

download it and make your relationship an enjoyable one.

The Purpose of a Man and a Woman in a Marriage and Relationship

Is your wife or husband becoming a terror in the marriage?

Is one of you in the marriage being strained and made miserable by the relationship?

Are yo one of those men who delight in looking down on women?

Is your husband or wife abusing you all the time?

Know who you are, and keep your head high.  In this teaching the Man of God will show you how you can stay afloat and drive your marriage forward.

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