The Power of Binding & Loosing – CD Series (MP3)

The Power of Binding & Loosing – CD Series (MP3)



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Were you doing well at one point in life but suddenly everything began to shut down? Where you had been experiencing favour and progress was it suddenly met with opposition, rejection and stagnation? If you used to do well at one point, but suddenly something unexplainable happened and you found your life in a mess, unable to sort itself out, then this series on the power of binding and loosing is just what you need.

In this 5 Part Teaching Series, Prophet Climate shares how your enemies can bind your star and bind your life, so that everything begins to shut down. This is for all the dreamers, and those with great destinies upon your life, but the enemy has got you in his sight and trying to hold you down, these prophetic teachings will help you to break out of every barriers you have been facing. You will learn how to loose your star and bind your enemies so that you can begin to make great progress in life again. Be the unstoppable man or woman that God has called you to be.

Teachings Include:

How To Release Your Star

The Power of Binding & Loosing

Release My Lazarus

How To Untie Your Life From Binding Spells

The Hidden Secret On How To Bind The Strongman


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