Book A Prophetic Consultation

Book A Prophetic Consultation

To book a One-on-One Prophetic Consultation with me, all what you need to do is register below and book your session. The time and date will be confirmed once the booking is made. Prophet Climate has sessions available each week.

Understand the Root Problem

Prophet Climate will help you get to the root and understand the hidden source of your problem that is causing the issues you are facing today.

Receive Divine Guidance & Counsel

Prophet Climate will divinely guide you with the counsel and wisdom of God to know what you need to do in order to solve your problem.

See What's Up Ahead

Led by the Holy Spirit, Prophet Climate will reveal to you what you can expect up ahead and to know the plans of God for your life, and whether what you are doing now is in alignment with your purpose.
Hear What Others Are Saying ...

L.Z. (USA)

The government had revoked my residency and a court date had been set to decide what would happen to me. Without residency, I feared deportation. But after speaking to you, you prayed for me and assured me that all was well. Man of God I went to court the next day, my case was dismissed and the judge ordered that my residency be reinstated. I am so humbled what God has done through you Prophet. Thank you!

J.J. (UK)

I met the Man of God at the airport, it was a divine connection. I told him what I was going through and he prophesied into my life and gave me some instructions. When I arrived home, everything changed. For 17 years I drove around a broken-down car, but for the first time ever I am driving a new car!

Craig S (U.S.A)

For years I struggled with pornography and sexual sin. But after going through Prophet's deliverance program, something has been broken out of my life. I no longer feel controlled by those desires anymore. God is stronger in me now more than ever. Thank you Man of God God is using you!

Trisha (U.S.A)

Bishop when I called your prayer line I was panicking, I had no money in my account to pay my bills. But your prayer warriors prayed for me. During the prayer the phone got disconnected. Suddenly I received a call from my employer that my full salary had been paid into my account (even though it wasn't pay day!) I thank God for you and The Kingdom Church!

Our Customers Are Getting Powerful Results ...
MIRACLE CLOTH! ” Bishop my son has a powerful testimony from The Miracle Red Cloth. He lost his wallet last week and he called me panicking because he could not find it.. After I prayed with him I reminded him about the word’s you speak and share with him that he will not lose anything. After speaking to him, he reminded me that his red miracle cloth was inside which gave me even more confidence to know that his wallet would return. He agreed and said he was no longer worried. A few days later somebody picked up his wallet and returned it inside a local gym with all the contents inside! Cash and even the Miracle Cloth. He was so happy that he decided to bless you Bishop with the cash inside. I thank God for the miracles that take place here at TKC.”
Hon. B

London, England

FINANCIAL MIRACLE! Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus prophet Climate, I've just opened a letter from HM revenue containing a check for £266 and last week I received my second bill from EE from stating my balance was NIL after throwing the previous bills in the fire. I thank god every day for your Prophecy over my life.
Y. Copeland


ABUNDANCE OF WEALTH! I hope this email finds you well, I am excited to write you this email and tell you what has been happening. A few months ago you prophesied that by September things will get better. I am happy to tell you that things have started getting better. I am doing better spiritually, financially and physically. Praise God. For the past year, we have been struggling financially to the point of having no food in our cupboards but God has always made a way for us at the very last moment. This month of October you prophesied that it is a month of abundance and Praise God we have started experiencing abundance. From having no money and no car this month we have bought a car, we paid all our bills in full, our grocery cupboards and fridge are full and have not gone empty and we still have money in the bank. We do serve a mighty miracle working God.


MIRACLE COIN TESTIMONY! God bless you, sir, My name is Maryam I can't go to bed without sending you my good News. Today am so happy to share this testimony with you as God of Bishop Climate has done it again for me. I have been given my Ireland Naturalization today after ten years of waiting am free at last to travel and it was signed on the 27/10/2015 the same day I received my abundance coin and used it as you have instructed,I am really grateful to God for using you to encourage me when I was at the edge of giving up thank you sir and I will really appreciate sir if I could get your Bank account to sow a seed of thanks giving please for my blessing to be permanent as this is just the beginning of plenty that you have prophesied over me, sir. Thank you once again
Maryam T


Miracle Money! I thank you all so much Every since I received my coin, Just as you prophesied I've been receiving money from strange resources, It's my season and thank you so much Amen


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