miracle pool

Today … Are You Ready For The Miracle Pool Grand Finale …? I See 4 Levels of Blessing In Your Life! Click Now To Submit Your Final Prayer Request

  THIS SUNDAY IS THE FINAL DAY FOR THE MIRACLE POOL! AND GOD IS ABOUT TO DO SOMETHING AMAZING! Dear Child of God, As I was praying for you in preparation for tomorrow, I got so excited, because I saw you walking with a big smile. No more shame, no more disappointment, no more rejection; it’s time to celebrate. Yes I saw a big hand that was exchanging favor, it was exchanging blessing, it was transferring wealth to you.  Today is the…

This Is What Happened To Both Of Your Hands …. Today This is What You Must Do….. Click Now!

Dear Child of God, **** OPEN THE GATES THERE IS WEALTH AND RICHES ABOUT TO COME INTO YOUR LIFE ** Last year I travelled to Geneva, Switzerland for a Business Conference, and as soon as I landed at the airport and got out of the plane, immediately I found a gold coin on the ground. It was not a local or foreign currency, no it was an ancient gold piece. Out of the thousands of people that had walked through that…

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